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Detachable Container House

Size: 5950L*3000W*2800H mm
Loading: 20GP — 7 Unit | 40HQ =17 Units
Installation: 4 Workers + 3 Hours = 1 House

Product Introduction

1. Easy to Transport

All materials can be shipped in bulk; 1×40’HQ can be loaded with 17 units; greatly reducing the shipping space and transportation cost.

2. Flexible Installation

No welding is required in the installation process, no cranes and forklift are needed, 4 workers + 3 HOURS = One detachable container

3. Wide Range of Applications

Suitable for offices, warehouses, workers’ accommodation, toilets, meeting rooms, camps, etc

Flatpack Container House

Size: 5800L*2400W*2896H mm
Loading: 40HQ = 6 – 8 Unit 
Installation: 4 Workers + 2 Hours = 1 House

Product Introduction

The flat pack container house is a modular building product based on steel frame and lightweight wallboard structure. The product consist of top frame, bottom frame, corner post and 14 interchangeable wall panels. It can be packaged for sea transportation and land transportation.

Z Shape Flat Pack Container House

Size: 5800L*2500W*2660H mm
Interior Size: 5620L*2320W*2460H mm
Loading: 40HQ — 10 Units
Installation: 2 Workers + 10 Minutes = 1 House

Product Introduction

It is a full-page installation , and the entire installation process only takes 15 minutes. During the installation process, the worker only needs to support it

Foldable Container House

Size: 5800L*2500W*2450H mm
Package Size: 5620L*2320W*430H mm
Loading: 40HQ — 10 Units
Installation: 2 Workers + 10 Minutes = 1 House

Product Introduction

It easy to assemble and disassemble. Just lift the roof with a crane and tighten the screws. 2 people can assemble a house in 10 minutes.

Expandable Container House

Expanded Size: 6234L*5800W*2540H mm
Package Size: 2200L*5800W*2540H mm
Loading: 40HQ — 2 Units
Installation: 4 Workers + 30 Minutes = 1 House

Product Introduction

1 . One To Three / Quick Installation

5 People 10 minutes to expand

2. Low Labor Cost

Assemble at the factory and use it at destination

3. Low Shipping Cost

Volume compressed after folding and space is reduces destination

EPS Portable Toilet

Size: 1100L*1100W*2300H mm
Transport Volume: 20GP–28 Units | 40HQ — 53 Units

Toilet Advantages


Less Space 

Less Manpower


Less Financial Resource

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