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Prefabricated Container House By Asia Edar Sdn Bhd

Prefabricated container house has simple structure, it can be installed on site quickly. It is easy to move and has long lifespan. Prefab container house also has characteristics of good air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance and shock resistance. The construction of the house allows for unlimited compounding in longitudinal and transverse directions, and containers can also be stacked to make 2 floors or 3 even floors. The standard size of our prefab container house is the same as a 20ft shipping container.

Multiple Uses

Personal Homes

Commercial Homes

Holiday Homes

What is Interesting about prefabricated container house

This prefabricated container house has it’s own charm. The features of this prefabricated container house are already in vogue nowadays. There are some interesting things you need to know before you have it


Many design and color options

Eco Friendly

Heatproof and soundproof

Shelf Life

Period of use up to 35 years

Strong Durability

Earthquake resistance grade 8 and wind grade 11

Easy To Install

Installation takes only 1 ½ days.

Easy to move

It’s easy to change and modify at any time

Saving Cost

Cost up to 40%

Important Component applied in our prefabricated container house

The components we use in our prefabricated container houses are components that have a huge impact in terms of durability as well as comfort.


Galvanized Steel


MGO Board

Inside Wall & Roof


Component in Prefabricated Container House

Diagram Prefabricated Container

Each prefabricated container house has specific components that are used to achieve a level of comfort as well as durability over time. Components used to obtain a standard pianist to live in or called home,

Best Prefabricated House
in Asia Edar Sdn Bhd

One Unit

1 Unit Container

Two Unit

2 Unit Container

3 Unit

3 Unit Container

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Prefabricated Container House

Size 6m x 3m x 2.68m ( 19.69’ x 9.84’ x 8.8’)


Frame using Galvanized Steel, wall Panel using 50mm Steel +Rockwool insulation, roof and coin using 70mm Steel + Rockwool insulation, floor using MGO Board


MGO board, complete with 1 Fire folding door and rockwool frame, complete with 2 glass sliding doors and grate frame, Complete with rainwater drainage


Complete with electrical wiring :
• 1 DB (Box Electric Distribution Board)
• 2 point lights including LED lights
• 2 light switches
• 2 point Plug connector
• 2 point for air conditioner / wall fan and
Water Heater

Beauty. Affordable. Quality.

Bringing You a New Home

Question & Answers.

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Is this Prefab Container House the same as a Shipping container?

Prefab Container House is not the same. It is harmless, and not hot like shipping containers because the material of the walls and roof are created with a special coating ( Styrofoam and Rock Wool). The Prefab House is also a new unit. Nothing applies.

How durable is this Prefab House and can it withstand strong winds, floods and heavy rains?

The durability of this Prefab Container House is more than 30 years because of the galvanized steel material used. It is also earthquake and flood resistant like a normal house.

What is the purpose of this Prefab House?

This Prefab House is perfect for those of you who want to build your own house, homestay, chalet, School, office, work Hut and so on.

What are the advantages of using a Prefab house?

Fast completion compared to ordinary houses, not hot, not dangerous, the price remains behind the increase in the price of construction goods & installation guarantee until fully completed

What is the ideal location for this Prefab Container House?

The site can use Slab, concrete Footing or plain Elephant Stone depending on the soil condition and budget of the customer.

Where can I get this Prefab House if interested?

Get from US Malaysia’s No 1 Prefab house supplier, Asia Edar Sdn Bhd

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